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2014/04/21 - President Obama spiked the ObaMcCare football last week to celebrate a claim of eight million sign-ups for the ACA, and now so many Democrats are declaring victory. The problem is, that even teams that score touchdowns - and thus spike the football - can get crushed, witness Denver’s evisceration by Seattle in the Super Bowl. The Broncos lost 43-8, but yes, long after the game was lost, they got to spike the football. Welcome to the Bronco’s world, Mr. President.

Yes, the game is out of reach. So what if eight million people signed up? Let’s be clear on the math. Something like one in five are not even paying their premiums, so the number of folks who have actually obtained coverage is about 6.4 million, which is approximately the same number of folks – so far – who have lost their insurance as a direct result of ObaMcCare! That means Zero net new insured.

Zero! That’s what we’ve got to show for all the resources that have been poured into this effort. That’s what makes the feigned glee of the White House so peculiar, like a team wildly celebrating a touchdown after they had been trailing 36-0 at the end of the 3rd quarter.

Bear in mind that it was the ACA’s supporters who claimed that ObaMcCare would make a serious dent in the nation’s alleged 30-45 million uninsured, a claim the Act’s opponents never specifically contested. After all, the individual mandate coerces people to obtain insurance. It’s amazing what you can force people to do, if you… er… force them to do it. Unless they don’t, as seems to be the case, much to the surprise of pretty well everybody.

So if all we got was zero, did the Administration even score a touchdown? Or do we now spike the ball on a 3-and-out? Nothing good happened, but, at least for the moment, disaster has been averted? Like the Broncos not turning the ball all over to the Seahawks for a pick-six? Is that Obama's world? Temporarily staving off disaster is now a cause for celebration? How did we come to this? Is a punt the new touchdown?

Random Ramblings

Apr 30, 2014 - Q1 GDP: Initial read of first quarter GDP came in at a meager 0.1%, barely above the recession point. This takes a lot of wind out of the Democrats' sails, blocking them from using economic arguements to change the subject from ObaMcCare.

Apr 29, 2014 - Presidential Polling: A new Washington Post / ABC poll has Obama's approval rating at a new low of 41%. Worse, the poll indicates voters would prefer a Republican-controlled Congress to block the President's agenda, rather than a Democrat controlled Congress taht would advance his agenda.

Apr 28, 2014 - Harvard's Institute of Politics had bad news for Democrats. Surveying young people, the IOP found Obama's approval at a low, Republicans closing the partisan identification gap, declining enthsuaism overall with young conservatives much more enegized than young liberals. That's not good news for Obama's coalition.
Further, the poll found that overall young people disapprove of ObaMcCare, believing it will drive up costs and reduce the quality of care. The takeaway from that is that the GOP is not flogging a dead horse when it attacks the ACA.


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