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2014/05/20 - "Dissembling, obfuscating and often insulting" are words CNN's Jake Tapper recently used to describe certain White House statements/spokespeople. That's about as accurately and concisely as it can be put.

Example of dissembling, obfuscating and insulting Jay Carney: He claims that Obama only recently found out about the VA scandal, through the press. This is the same excuse Carney gives for everything - not Obama's fault, he didn't know. Yet his transition team was specifically advised - 5 years ago! - about this growing problem. As Chief Executive it is his job to know, and to NOT know is a worse failure than anything else.

How is it that the smartest guy ever, never seems to know anything?

Example of dissembling, obfuscating and insulting Jay Carney: He claims the Administration has been trying to solve the problem by throwing money at it, but money has never been the problem. However, Daily Beast reports that the entire eight doctor cardiology team at the Pheonix facility sees as many patients, in total, as a single cardiologist in private practice.

This is not a money problem, and cannot be solved by wasting more taxpayers' money.

This administration has a competence problem that can be solved by removing and rejecting it, its enablers (such as Harry Reid), and its heirs (such as Hillary Clinton), from current and future public office.

Random Ramblings


Updated GDP came out this morning at -1.0% for the first quarter.

That means the economy actually shrank during the January to March period.

May 19, 2014 - Just when you thought the Obama Administration had run out of things to screw up - Fast & Furious, ObaMcCare, Benghazi, IRS Targeting, NSA Spying, Ukraine / Syria / Libya / Egypt / Nigeria - they screw up something else.

The VA Wait List scandal just grows and grows. Not only did we find out this weekend that yet another facility - Albequerque - was involved, it has also come out that Obama has been aware of it since his inaugeration, and not only has done nothing to stop it, whatever it is that he has done has only made things worse and worse.

Unfortunately, this debacle seems just like all his other fiascos. Some lower level manager who has already announced his retirement gets the goat horns and is pushed out the door. And the media gives the White House another pass. Just like it ever was.

May 12, 2014 - Doesn't that Michelle Obama "Bring Back our Girls" twitter pic strike you as a bit odd? This would be great if it came from a 12-year-old school girl in Colorado, but it didn't. It came from the White House.

Michelle Obama lives in the White House. Her husband is Leader of the Free World, and Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful military force ever known to mankind.

So why is Michelle Obama pushing us to do something about the kidnapping of Nigerian school girls? What did she hope to accomplish? To generate attention, or to generate a solution? If she would just ask her husband to do something, the issue would get both attention, and gasp! a solution.

I suppose we are expected to assume that this outpouring of frailty has Boko Haram shaking in their boots. Or something. I don't know. I guess the idea is that we purge our feelings of guilt and complicity by tweeting a bit, and participating in a rally. All better now.

Shouldn't the thought of these girls being sold into slavery spark some kind of rage? Some kind of fury that leads to action? Instead we get this pathetic selfie...


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