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2014/10/10 - Today is October 10, 2014. The 1,282nd anniversary of October 10, 732. Happy Anniversary! Raise a glass – cheers!

The world is watching while an army of Muslim ISIS jihadists wage a battle for control of Kobani, a Syrian city of perhaps 50,000 people situated just south of the Turkish border. The city is being defended by ethnic Kurdish defenders who too are Muslim. Most observers believe the Kurds will ultimately fall before the ISIS onslaught, and a massacre will ensue.

Syrian government forces are nowhere to be found, meanwhile, a formidable detachment of the Turkish army, fully capable of overwhelming both sides, stands at the border watching the action. The White House has deplored Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for not doing something to help the Kurds, but President Obama has done hypocritically little to help either.

Perhaps Obama needs to be schooled: Iran, Turkey, Syria and Iraq all have sizable Kurdish minorities in a contiguous region at the intersection of the four countries. The Kurds would love to carve out sections from each of the four countries and create their own independent state. The Sunni Muslim Turks, of course, would not want this, and would happily see ISIS eradicate the rebellious Kurdish people from the face of the earth, and while they’re at it, finish off Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s Alawite Muslim regime for good measure.

Then, the following scenario becomes a temptation for Turkey: with both the Syrian government and its Kurdish rebels out of the way, the Turks will provoke an attack from ISIS, and use that pretext to call the full wrath of NATO upon ISIS. And Turkey will annex Syria. As White House said this week, "This isn't how a NATO ally acts while hell is unfolding a stone's throw from their border". Ahhhh, yes it is, if they are more interested in their own best interests than the Obama Administration's.

Turkey is the last remains of the Ottoman Empire, which at its zenith in the late 17th century, stretched from the Balkans to the Caspian, the Persian Gulf and northern Africa as far as what is now Tunisia. The expansion continued until the Turks were defeated by Poland at the gates of Vienna in 1683, otherwise central Europe could have fallen under Muslim domination.

After their crushing defeat at Vienna, the Muslim empire slowly declined and receded until it was replaced with a secular republic dominated by the military in the 1920’s. And that’s the way it stayed until recently. Turkey is a member of NATO, and during the cold war was a bulwark for the West against their common foe, Russia and its iteration as the Soviet Union.

Since coming to power, Erdogan has been diminishing the influence of the military and the country’s secular foundation, and instead inflaming Sharia-based Muslim fundamentalism. Which would suggest another reason why Erdogan won’t intervene on behalf of the Kurds: though he has played his cards close to the vest, in his heart he actually supports, perhaps quite warmly, the fundamentalist ISIS.

Turkey is not our puppet and is entitled to act in its own best interests, but its behavior begs many questions: Is Turkey changing directions? Has a foe to the world’s worst ideology of the 20th century, become a friend of what could turn out to be the worst ideology of the 21st century? Are we witnessing a revival of some kind of neo-Ottoman Empire? Is Turkey on its way to becoming an Islamic fundamentalist state? A state that sponsors terror? Does Turkey still share common geopolitical interests with the West? Does Turkey belong in NATO? Is Turkey on its way to becoming our enemy? Will we eventually end up at war with Turkey?

back to today, October 10. On October 10, 732 a Muslim army, working its way north after conquering Spain, was defeated by the only military in Europe that had even the slightest hope of stopping them, a Frankish army commanded by Charles Martel. It was the Battle of Tours, a mere 100 miles south of Paris. Otherwise Europe would most likely have been overrun and fallen under Muslim domination.

President Obama’s selfish America-centric world view is false. Muslim conquest is not a response to American imperialism. Kobani is merely a single battle in a war that has gone on since Muhammad decided that armed combat was an appropriate means to advance religious objectives. Muhammad declared war in 623. It took his empire only 89 years to reach Paris. A battle his empire lost, 1,282 years ago today. But the war continues.

Random Ramblings

October 27, 2014 - Hillary Clinton comes from behind to overtake Bruce Braley and clinch the 2014 Todd Aiken Award.

Clinton was at a Martha Coakley rally, with Elizabeth Warren at her side. If that doesn't make you ill, what she said will: “Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.”

That's the most stupid thing a candidate for President has ever said. Ever.

Until she followed up with something even stupider. A day after telling us NOT to let anybody tell us that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs, she was walking it back, telling us that "our economy grows when businesses and entrepreneurs create good-paying jobs". But didn't she just tell us not to let anyone tell us that?

She's literally telling us not to listen to her.

October 21, 2014 - The October Surprise. Will there be one in 2014? Election World is at the edge of its collective seat, waiting...

Don't be surprised to see the Ferguson Grand Jury exonerate police officer Darren Wilson. And don't be surprised if the decision is released before the election, in order to mobilize Democrat constituencies.

Don't be surprised if the Ferguson riots start all over, in more places than Ferugson. And don't be surprised if the GOP cries foul for the White House's blatant effort to politicize the issue. And don't be surprised when the mainstream media tries to blame it all on Republicans.

October 14, 2014 - The ultra-liberal Slate magazine has an article about "decision fatigue".

It's not hard to picture Josh Ernest try this as Obama's latest excuse - the Leader of the Free World is suffering from decision fatigue.

Don't be surprised to see the left actually run with this. They have precious little else...

October 13, 2014 - An airliner from the UAE is in quarantine after landing in Boston with passengers presenting flu-like symptoms.

It begs the question: Does the US ebola containment policy anticipate intentional transmission of ebola? Are we wholly unprepared for ebola terror weapon? Or are we just assuming no one would ever do such a thing on purpose?

If people will volunteer as suicide bombers, well, might they use ebola as their weapon of choice?

It's not complicated: buy an airline ticket to the USA, then, before departing, make substantial contact with an ebola-infected person. Days after landing when the "bomber's" symptoms develop, make contact with as many people as possible - at shopping malls, public transit, sporting events...

There's your easy, home-made, biological weapon on the cheap.

If ISIS tries this, it could be a calamity in the making. It's time to ban entry to this country to anyone who has been to west Africa in the preceding 60 days.

October 07, 2014 - There are growing concerns about the global economy - German industrial production was down 4% in August, while industrial order registered their largest decline since 2009.

The slowing economy in Europe is causing a fall in demand for, and therefore prices of, commodities including oil.

In addition, the slowdown is causing the dollar to rise against the Euro.

The strong dollar coupled with falling demand is causing the price of oil to plummet - West Texas crude is trading in the 89's for a barrel while Brent is trading in the 91's.

When the price of oil goes down because supply increases, that's good; when the price goes down due to a fall in demand, that's... not so good.

October 03, 2014 - Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta releases a new book.

Panetta claims a Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq was within reach but it fell through because Obama walked away.

All along Obama has blamed Iraq for the failure to obtain an agreement to keep a contingent of US forces in Iraq. Panetta blames Obama.

As we suspected all along, Obama walked away from the agreement because he didn't want an agreement. He wanted us out of Iraq regardless of the cost.

The cost? ISIS.

October 01, 2014 - On "60 Minutes" Sunday, President Obama tried to throw James Clapper under the bus, but instead it was the President who ended up being the one with the tire marks.

Obama blamed the rise of ISIS on flawed intelligence, in essence, hypocritically attempting the same defense he excoriated George W. Bush for using, and then going a step beyond by mentioning the Director of National Intelligence by name.

The difference is that Bush's defense was legitimate, he actually did receive flawed information; whereas Obama is attempting to blame others for his own flawed decision-making.

Clapper for his part, insists that Obama had the correct information all along, a fact verified by everyone except the occupant of the oval office.

Our President rarely reads his intelligence briefings, rarely attends his intelligence meetings. Give him a break, how can he be expected to know what's going on?


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