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Who will be the
2016 candidates
for President of
the United States?



Donald Trump has come out
of nowhere and stolen the
show. He seems to have
captured the zeitgeist, the
spirit of the times. Can it last?

Who, from among this
strong, diverse field , will
emerge victorious to return
the GOP to the White

With the inept Obama
Administration in its final
days, one would have
expected that experienced
governors with a record
of accomplishment would
dominate the Race 2 Replace
but outsiders and novices
Trump, Carson and Fiorina
are in the hunt! Seasoned
executives for sure, but
not the ones the beltway
had in mind!



The creaky, rusty Clinton
machine grinds slowly
onward, wayward, relying
solely on muscle memory
for movement. Will
Democrats suddenly rise
from their slumber to the
realization she cannot win a
General Election?

Is Hillary a foregone
conclusion, or will
someone else swoop in and
steal the show?

Folks on the right can barely
contain their joy at the
prospect of a Clinton
candidacy. Shouldn't that
give pause to the Democrats?
Biden and Warren are both
better candidates and better
Democrats than Clinton, but
aren't even in the race. And
then there are O'Malley and
Sanders, again, both better
Democrats and better
candidates. Yet the Dems
seem intent on following
Clinton in a lemming-like
charge over the cliff.


2016/04/26 - What do you see when Donald Trump and his people take the stage on Primary Night? Do you not see Democrats? Registered Democrats, Democrat voters, Democrat donors, Democrat workers?

When Team Donald takes the stage we do not see people who have worked their tails off for Republican candidates or conservative ideas. Not people like so many of us who have fought in the trenches, who have sacrificed time, money, blood, sweat and tears resisting the progressive tide that has been slowly creeping, oozing, infecting across America for the past hundred years.

In the battle of "The Left" vs "The Right", Trump has been at best missing in action in the fight for right-of-center causes. He has been a true "outsider", if not actually aiding and abetting our opponents. The term "outsider", as personified by Trump, should be thought of as a pejorative. He is an outsider to "The Right" like most any other Democrats. He has opposed us as a collaborator, a willing co-conspirator; he is an invasive species, an interloper, a virus.

It's humorous to hear Trump whining about the Republican and Democrat nomination systems, about how unfair they are. Of course they are. Every organization takes pains to erect barriers to prevent it from being overrun by intruders. The Chinese built a wall, corporations have internet firewalls, and of course there's "The Wall" Trump promises to build. The idea is to keep outsiders where they belong - "out".

The whining is childish. He seems lacking in emotional intelligence. Big Tough Donald Trump, had his iddy-biddy feelings hurt by Ted Cruz. Trump reminds of the character Frank in the old E-Trade commercial. Like Frank, Donald is a Shankopotamus who needs his lack of political skills to be subsidized because he didn't read the rules and figure out how delegates are secured.

Cruz is to Trump what "La Resistance" is to "Vichy". To differentiate Trump from Cruz, use the term "insurgent" to describe Cruz. He is a part of the "The Right" but fighting the wallflower Establishment. A man shunned by his own party, Cruz is a lifelong Republican, consistently advances conventional conservative views, and is scorned by the Establishment because he seeks to hold them accountable to our values.

If you are a conservative Republican you should be unhappy about a gang of late-to-the-party Democrats taking over your party. So late to the party, in fact, that they couldn't change their affiliation on time to vote for their dad. And we should be unhappy that our leader RNC Chair Reince Priebus doesn't just flat out tell Trump it's not supposed to be fair. The system is designed to keep outsiders, invasive species like Trump, out.

What do you see on stage on Primary Night? There on stage you see an entrepreneur. A businessman with the right sales pitch firing a bull-eye at his target market. He may in fact close the deal this November. Then what?

Does Donald Trump even have a product? He has a good sales pitch, but, what if he wins that contract he's bidding on? Like the proverbial dog who actually catches the car... now what? What about deliverables? Is he actually going to produce what he promised his customers?

For example, is he actually going to build a wall? And this isn't a rhetorical question - a wall is probably excellent policy, but will he actually execute? How does he plan to get it through Congress? Or is he planning a reviled executive action in the tradition of our current Executive? Does Trump even want to build a wall? What are we going to get with Trump? Like Nancy Pelosi said, we have to elect him so we can find out what's inside...

One thing about Trump to his great credit is he has changed the conversation on topics that were in great need of change. For instance, immigration. What part of "illegal" don't illegal-immigration advocates not get? Bank robbery doesn't become okay by changing the description to "undocumented withdrawal". Illegal means illegal, and Trump has done wonders to bring together so many isolated individuals, each of whom was wondering whether they were the last person on earth with common sense.

I don't like Trump but when I see nasty violent protesters hating on him, his events, and the attendees - while decrying "Hate" - it make me want to vote for Trump.

I live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan part of the time, and part of the time in upstate New York. When I'm in Manhattan, I don't get Trump; but when I'm upstate, riding my bike amidst the obvious decline and decay, well, it makes me want to vote for Trump. It's painfully obvious why a message like "Make America Great Again" would resonate.

I recently attended an environmental conservation seminar in my little upstate town conducted by the state's DEP and attended by the local granola crowd. Given the extreme-left agenda I was fortunate my wife suggested we drive my stealth Subaru (WRX) to the event. The speaker encouraged the attendees to force their towns to adopt hyper-restrictive regulation in order to prevent, for all intents and purposes, economic activity. And job creation. And prosperity. I left the two-hour event in near shock at their unbalanced, despotic zealotry, wanting so badly to vote for Donald Trump. And kill every bog turtle.

And that's the problem for Cruz - somewhere in his intellectual constructs he loses the edge, the connection to the palpable anger that what we pass on to our children will be less than what we received from our parents. The problem with Trump is that he captures the mood, and speaks to the problems, but does not offer a cohesive, comprehensive framework of compatible solutions. And Trump's problems-people are beating Cruz' solutions-people.

Get beyond Trump's demagoguery, slogans, and illegal immigration stance, and it's hard to find much substance. Sure, better trade pacts are "better" - by definition - but what would he change, and in what deal? It is unclear that his mercantilist ideology can work. Rivals can retaliate against us, unless we use military force to open markets, like Commodore Perry did to Japan. That seemed to work great until the Japanese got us back at Pearl Harbor. But Trump is anti-war, a position which can't coexist with mercantilism. The trade war that preceded World War II was a lose/lose proposition in so many ways.

What if Donald Trump is actually just a hoax? What if he really didn't plan to be President? What if there really isn't any policy depth to him at all? What if, like Obama, there is nothing beyond the great speeches? (One thing Cruz and Clinton have in common, no one will vote for them because their speeches are so great.) Yet at this point it seems highly unlikely that Trump can be prevented from winning the GOP nomination, so we might as well get used to it. And with the GOP nomination probably comes the White House, the new Mayor of Peaksville, OH.

Don't think for a moment that Trump can't beat Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a horrible candidate, a fact that establishment Democrats refuse to countenance. Conservatives are under no delusions about Trump's risks and weaknesses, and that is itself a great strength. Never go into battle - sports, business, war, politics, or any other competition - without a clear understanding of your own vulnerabilities. On this dimension Democrats are in grave peril. They don't know that they don't know.

President Trump. If America was a toy it would be funny to elect Trump and see what happens next. It will be horrible if Crooked Hillary were elected President, which is way worse than the hilarity which may ensue if Trump is elected. Funny, that is, if you're on his side; mean, if you're not. Lincoln's words "charity to all, malice to none" don't apply to Trump.

Nor do Lincoln's words apply to President Obama who has displayed no aversion to Stalinist tactics of weaponizing government agencies. Like using the IRS to persecute political opponents. Will this latter-day Anthony Fremont follow in the footsteps of Stalin, Nixon and Obama, and use government agencies to take out his petty vindictiveness on political opponents?

What will a Trump Administration look like? Who will he populate the executive branch with? Will he leave Team Obama mostly in place, or replace them with his sycophants and cronies? Or, will he fill the ranks with consistent constitutional conservatives? Or mostly more-of-the-same-Ford-Bush-Dole-McCain establishment Republicans? Populists? Libertarians? Or will it just be random personalities drawn from the unemployment boilerplate?

Who knows? Just lie low, and if he notices you, tell him it's all good. Welcome to the Administration of President Anthony Fremont.


April 19, 2016 - Donald Trump has won the New York state presidential primary, picking up nearly all 95 delegates, thus mostly assuring that he will secure the GOP nomination.

Trump appears to have picked up 89 of the 95 delegates, with John Kasich picking up a few here and there, mostly in Manhattan. Ted Cruz secured last than 15% of the vote and appears to have been totally shut out of the delegate acquisition race.

America's only hope for a non-Trump nomination was again punked by Kasich. Cruz has little chance to win, but Kasich's chances are precisely zero. Yet Kasich stays in the race, doing nothing but splitting the anti-Trump vote.

America's only hope for a non-Clinton nomination suffered a defeat on the Democrat side, as Hillary defeated Bernie.

So now Trump vs. Clinton is a virtual certainty.

April 12, 2016 - An observer can only be dumbfounded by the whining of the self-proclaimed business genius Great Donald Trump.

As anyone who has ever attempted a competitive venture - sports, business, politics - knows, life is neither easy nor fair. You have to work harder and smarter, and even then you can still expect the competition to try to out-smart and out-work you.

Trump's campaign is an object lesson on how to fail at business. Its leader is lazy and naive, depending upon showmanship and publicity to win a beauty pageant, while ignoring the strategy and tactics of how to win. He is playing checkers, while Ted Cruz is playing chess.

If Trump was a football coach, he would be complaining that the opponents are using their hands to throw the ball in a game called "football". Sorry, try reading the rulebook Shankopotamus, as one noteworthy sage once put it.

Ted Cruz is doing to Donald Trump what Facebook did to Myspace.


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