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Who will be the
2016 candidates
for President of
the United States?



Donald Trump has come out
of nowhere and stolen the
show. He seems to have
captured the zeitgeist, the
spirit of the times. Can it last?

Who, from among this
strong, diverse field , will
emerge victorious to return
the GOP to the White

With the inept Obama
Administration in its final
days, one would have
expected that experienced
governors with a record
of accomplishment would
dominate the Race 2 Replace
but outsiders and novices
Trump, Carson and Fiorina
are in the hunt! Seasoned
executives for sure, but
not the ones the beltway
had in mind!



The creaky, rusty Clinton
machine grinds slowly
onward, wayward, relying
solely on muscle memory
for movement. Will
Democrats suddenly rise
from their slumber to the
realization she cannot win a
General Election?

Is Hillary a foregone
conclusion, or will
someone else swoop in and
steal the show?

Folks on the right can barely
contain their joy at the
prospect of a Clinton
candidacy. Shouldn't that
give pause to the Democrats?
Biden and Warren are both
better candidates and better
Democrats than Clinton, but
aren't even in the race. And
then there are O'Malley and
Sanders, again, both better
Democrats and better
candidates. Yet the Dems
seem intent on following
Clinton in a lemming-like
charge over the cliff.


2016/10/09 - I havenít really made my peace with Donald Trumpís candidacy, at least not yet, but I have achieved something with a remote resemblance to a truce of sorts

Donald Trump was not my first choice for Republican nominee, in fact he was somewhere near the bottom of the list. Where exactly I couldnít tell you, but down there somewhere with Jeb! Bush. So I wasnít that sad when Trump crushed Jeb! On the other hand Scott Walker and Rick Perry were at the top of my list, so I wasnít happy with The Donald when he crushed them.

Donald Trump is a massive steamroller that did a lot of damage in our camp once it got rolling, but now that it has continued rolling into enemy terrain, there are parts of it I find quite enjoyable, like watching him put PC nonsense in its rightful place, that is, the ďdustbin of historyĒ. And watching liberals go berserk like ants when Donald shines the magnifying glass on them, exposing their hypocrisy.

There is a lot about Trumpís candidacy that I find troubling. But I have to remember that he is not applying to be the pastor of my church, although it would nice to have a presidential nominee with pastoral qualities. But that isnít Hillary Clinton either. No one would want Hilly and Billy chaperoning the High School girls overnight camping trip, so letís cut out the one-sidedness of the demagoguery Ė Bill has done the evil that Trump only talks about.

The Democrats make it a lot easier to come to some sort of working arrangement with the Trump candidacy. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, which is precisely two times more often than a Democrat. Republicans arenít always right, but Democrats are always wrong. If the Republicans ran a monkey against a human Democrat, I would vote for the monkey - the money will randomly be right about half the time. Which is better than my Republican Congressman who gets a 36% rating from Heritage, which is better than a broken clock, which in turn is better than a Democrat.

Mike Pence makes it easier to vote for Trump. Itís not always obvious what influence a Vice President has, if any, but just seeing Mike Pence is a bit of a relief. If Pence had run for the nomination I might have supported him which would have been the end of him. If discretion is the better part of valor then it is clear that Pence showed discretion, which is a nice counter-weight to Trumpís lack thereof.

But what will Trump be like? Back in August a writer I rather appreciate named Salena Zito tweeted ďtake Trump seriously, not literallyĒ. That tweet didnít go far, but Ms. Zito wasn't done. Last month she followed it up with an article developing that thought kernel in Atlantic Magazine. Read the article, she nailed it. When you try to understand Trumpís talk, take him seriously, not literally. Think of him as a negotiator who never opens with his final offer. Thereís something there, but itís not what you think.

Is it possible that Democrats are being out-maneuvered, that Trump is painting them into his own corner, and they donít even realize it? That while Democrats are obsessing about stuff that marginal voters donít care about, \Trump is clobbering the Democrats on issues that do matter? Like jobs? Like making America great again? What if all this misogyny stuff is a giant head fake and the Democrats are falling for it hook line and sinker? What if marginal voters donít take Trump literally, because he doesnít mean it literally? Maybe marginal voters are focused on important things that Democrats donít seem to care about, like jobs?

So should a conservative endorse Donald Trump? Well, to paraphrase a morally deficient former President, it depends upon what your definition of "endorse" is. Pretty certain I can't endorse Trump them man, whatever you take the word "endorse" to mean; but I can certainly endorse the candidacy of Trump and everyone and everything that comes with it and everything and everyone that gets shut out of the corridors of power.

Don't get confused - there are precisely two options, "D" and "R". A conservative vote not for red is a vote for blue. Just like an inner-city Obama voter who shows not up for Clinton is a vote for Trump, all down-ballot Republicans, and the advance of conservative principles.

Even if you don't love Trump the man, please vote for Trump the candidate. Get out and vote.


October 28, 2016 - Bombshell! FBI Director Jim Comey announces that more Clinton emails have appeared and the investigation is being reconvened.

And it gets crazier - where do those emails come from? The computer of disgraced former Congressman, Democrat Anthony Wiener! Who happens to be the husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

Apparently the Democrat nymphomaniac Weiner has been the subject of an FBI investigation for inappropriate online contact with a minor in North Carolina.

In the course of their domestic relationship Weiner has been backing up Abedeen's emails on his own computer. Which given her position in the State Department is probably itself illegal.

You can be assured that the last thing Hillary Clinton would want with only ten days left before the election is to have her name intertwined with that of Anthony Weiner.

And the irony is that those same Democrats who were so euphorically putting Comey on a pedestal and singing his praises in July are now demanding his head on a platter.

Just another crazy day in a very crazy election.

October 15, 2016 - Tired of the media's shallow, negative and petty coverage of the election? Here's something that might be even more disappointing.

At its annual meeting today in Cincinnati the NAACP passed a resolution demanding the cessation of more chartered schools.

One of the most important contributors to success in life is a good education. Unfortunately too many inner city kids are deprived of a chance at a good education because they are stuck in failing schools.

Competition always produces better products and services than government monopolies, so we strongly support school choice - public, private, charter, parochial, whatever - as the best way to provide kids with the best education opportunities.

Let the parents choose where to send their kids, don't leave this decision to faceless government bureaucrats, or worse still, the teachers unions. Or worst of all, the NAACP!

It is truly disappointing that the NACCP thinks that what's best for the kids is a substandard government monopoly.

One wonders if the NAACP membership is worried less about their kids' futures, and more about the agenda of some special interest group.

Maybe the NAACP is owned by the teachers' unions. Just wondering...


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