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Who will be the
2016 candidates
for President of
the United States?



Donald Trump has come out
of nowhere and stolen the
show. He seems to have
captured the zeitgeist, the
spirit of the times. Can it last?

Who, from among this
strong, diverse field , will
emerge victorious to return
the GOP to the White

With the inept Obama
Administration in its final
days, one would have
expected that experienced
governors with a record
of accomplishment would
dominate the Race 2 Replace
but outsiders and novices
Trump, Carson and Fiorina
are in the hunt! Seasoned
executives for sure, but
not the ones the beltway
had in mind!



The creaky, rusty Clinton
machine grinds slowly
onward, wayward, relying
solely on muscle memory
for movement. Will
Democrats suddenly rise
from their slumber to the
realization she cannot win a
General Election?

Is Hillary a foregone
conclusion, or will
someone else swoop in and
steal the show?

Folks on the right can barely
contain their joy at the
prospect of a Clinton
candidacy. Shouldn't that
give pause to the Democrats?
Biden and Warren are both
better candidates and better
Democrats than Clinton, but
aren't even in the race. And
then there are O'Malley and
Sanders, again, both better
Democrats and better
candidates. Yet the Dems
seem intent on following
Clinton in a lemming-like
charge over the cliff.


2016/12/09 - Donald Trump won the presidential election, and will be our nation’s 45th President.

Naturally this is not a cause for joy among those who don’t like Trump and/or his policies and/or his party. But the fact remains that Trump won fair and square according to the rules of the contest. He ran against Hillary Clinton, a flawed opponent with a flawed platform who conducted a flawed campaign, and defeated her, unquestionably, according to the rules.

So now, after the fact, Clinton’s supporters are blaming the rules. They have to blame something other than their policies, someone other than themselves, so they blame rules. The same rules that gave us Barrack Obama, the rules spelled out in our Constitution, that Constitution that has been around since 1789.

Think of it like a football team that expects to win, but instead loses 21-18. They insist they were robbed by the rules, because field goals only count for 3 points. Field goals ought to count for 4 points each, which would have given them their rightful victory, by a score of 24-21. After all, how could a team that scores six times lose to a team that only scored thrice? The rules are unfair and obsolete. And make it personal too – the rules were designed not just to cheat, but to cheat us! Not fair! We demand justice! Change the scoring!

So the Democrats blame our scoring system, the Electoral College. The same system that has been around since before any of us were born. And they blame our Founding Fathers, who were obviously sexist misogynists, and the system they created specifically to deny the Presidency to the first female candidate. Obviously.

Actually, the Electoral College is one of the most brilliant elements of our system, a feature that helps spread the power, another “check-and-balance” just like the creation of the three branches of government. The framers of the Constitution wanted to avoid replacing one autocracy – the monarchy of King George III – with another autocracy in just some other form. Diffusing power was central to their designs.

Our Electoral College system effectively assigns “points” to each state, based on their population, 538 points in total. California naturally has the most points with 55, followed by Texas (36), Florida and New York (29 each). At the other end, several sparsely populated states like Wyoming and Vermont get 3 “points” each. Candidates vie for the points on a state-by-state base – whoever get the most votes in that state gets all the points, and whoever gets the most point nationally will be the President.

There is no reason why the system could not have been set up so that the President would be elected on the basis of pure raw vote totals. Indeed, that would have been the easy and simple way to do it, but instead of being sloppy and rushed, the framers put a lot of thought into the design. As always they were concerned about the concentration of power, and electing the President on the basis of popular vote would give all the power to a few large population centers, and freeze out the rest of the country.

The brilliance of the Electoral College system is that it offers no benefits for running up the score, or padding the stats, to use modern sports terminology. A win is a win, and that’s it. Think of it like the World Series or the Stanley Cup finals. The champion is the first team to win four games, not the team that scores the most runs or goals. Each game starts with fresh with 0-0 on the scoreboard. The champions are forced to prove their mettle by winning consistently under a broad range of circumstances, rather than winning rarely but decisively.

And so it goes with the Electoral College – the champion must win consistently throughout the land so that he can truly be a national president, and that is how Donald Trump won. If you look at a national map showing the winner by county, you see that Donald Trump is the true national champion, the President of the United States.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, had she won, would have been the regional urban President of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco, while the rest of the country would be in the cold.

The framers of the Constitution intended that our President be a national president, a President with constituencies throughout the land. The lesson for the Democrats should be that they need to broaden their appeal rather than cater exclusively to the whims of urbanites, while divisively referring to “flyovers” as “bitter clingers” and “a basket of irredeemable deplorables”.

The Democrats got what they deserved. They ought to be introspective, should reflect upon the results, and take some lessons from this teachable moment. But that does not appear to be where they are going.

This intelligent design of the Electoral College has shone a bright light on the flaws of the Democrats. The response of the Democrats? Get rid of that bright light.


December 23, 2016 - Unfortunately it appears that Obama has chosen to leave gracelessly.

Parting ways with decades of bipartisan support for Israel, Obama sucker-punched the only democracy in the mideast by not vetoeing an anti-Israel UN resolution pushed by her totalitarian adversaries.

Republicans and conservatives have come to expect these cheap shots, so it is no surprise to see Obama take action against Israel while allowing Syria to cross his red lines.

With this move one almost wonders whether Obama is green-lighting the candidacy of the Israel-hating Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) to take over the DNC, signalling that it is open season for Democrats against Israel.

Looks like the Grinch stole Hanukkah...

December 15, 2016 - Charleston SC mass murder Dylann Roof has found guily of all 33 federal charges on which he was indicted.

But this piece isn't about Roof. Sad to say, mass murders come and go. And it isn't about guns. Take away their guns and they'll use a truck, like the Bastille Day attack in Nice back in the summer that killed 82 people.

The real story of the Charleston attack is the friends and family of the victims. The people who have forgiven Dylann Roof. Who have shown God's love in a real way, rather just pay lip service to some foggy ideals.

God instructs us to love those who hate us. It's easy to blow that command off, because it seems neither possible nor practical. Shouldn't we hate Dylann Roof?

But these people have shown us that God gives the strength to meet His standards. They have shown Christ's love in a way I know I couldn't... but God gives strength, right? Doesn't it say I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me?

Dylann Roof wanted to start a race war, but instead God has turned this evil to good, uniting people in a spirit of love and peace, rather than dividing them war and hate.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Amen.

With the Christmas season now full upon us, with its message of God's love, thanks again to God's wonderful people at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church for exemplifying God's sacrificial love.


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