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Sworn In
April 10, 2017

A Tremendous Day for
sound jurisprudence and
our Constitution!

Watch the swearing-in and
savor the prospect of a
Supreme Court Justice
who will defend our

Below is our rating of
Supreme Court justices
based upon judgement of
their fidelity to the

As the chart illustrates,
there are too many rogue
justices on the Supreme
Court. These appointed,
life-term judges take it
upon themselves to
arbitrarily unilaterally and
autocratically over-rule the
will of the people. They are
the equivalent of tyrants.

It is crucial to our
Democracy to fill all open
seats on all Courts, as
they arise, with true-to-
the-law judges. With
originalist, textualist
judges who apply the law
as passed by the
representatives of the

It is NOT the role of judges
to over-rule laws they just
happen to dislike. As
Gorsuch said at the

"A judge who likes every
outcome he reaches is
very likely a bad judge..."

April 07, 2017

A Supreme Court seat
opened with the passing of
Antonin Scalia just months
before the 2016 election.

President Obama
nominated Merrick Garland
as a replacement, but
Senate Majority Leader
Mitch McConnell (R-KY)
blocked the nomination,
claiming that the voters
should decide.

Elections have
consequences. Democrats
were certain they would
hold the White House and
regain the Senate in 2016,
thereby giving them full
control of the nomination

But the GOP held the
Senate, and won the
White House, against
all predictions.
Republicans campaigned
on the Supreme Court
issue, and won.

And that's why Democrats
lost the Supreme Court
nomination: because they
didn't win the election. The
people spoke. As it should

January 31, 2017

President Trump has
nominated Neil Gorsuch to
the United States Supreme
Court. View the
proceedings at the White

As the President so
appropriately remarked at
the nomination ceremony:

"I have always felt that
after the defense of our
nation, the most important
decision a president of the
United States can make is
the appointment of a
Supreme Court justice.
Depending on their age, a
justice can be active for 50
years and his or her
decisions can last a
century or more and can
often be permanent."

We anticipate that Neil
Gorsuch will be an
outstanding Supreme
Court Justice, just like
Antonin Scalia, the great
man he will replace.

Neil Gorsuch: a judge who
understands both what a
judge's role is; and what a
judge's role is not.


2017/06/16 - Every empire in the history of human civilization eventually met its demise. In fact, in the broader scheme of things, they don't even hold their grip on the top rung very long - maybe a few centuries at most.

Around 1000 BC the Hittites gave way to the Assyrians, and then in succession the baton was snatched by the Babylonians, and from them the Persians, and then the Greeks and then the Romans.

Why did every empire fall by the wayside? Was it famine, flood, plague, or other natural disaster? Or was it conquest? Or was it just lethargy at the core? Isn't it always complacency? Either directly, or a softness that invites conquest, an unpreparedness that makes an empire vulnerable to the whims of nature?

More recently, the Spaniards were top dogs in the 16th and 17the centuries, followed by Great Britain in the 18th and 19th centuries. The 20th Century was the American Century, and Pax Americana continues. Yes folks, this is what peace looks like.

Given that every other world power before us fell into decline within a couple of centuries, why shouldn't we, as we approach our 250th birthday, wonder whether our days too are numbered? Should we not wonder whether the writing is already on the wall, as it was for the Babylonians?

Why would we think America can last forever as the dominant global power? Why should we not expect to meet the same fate as every world power that has gone before?

America's new found greatness came from creative destruction, from casting aside Britain's stifling moribund institutions, while retaining its culture and values. The Declaration of Independence was an indictment against King George III personally, and against the system of government that put him in power.

As Thomas Jefferson wrote of King George, "he has erected a multitude of offices, and sent hither swarms of officers to harass the people and eat out their substance".

Jefferson was clear in pointing out how the King's Big Government was eroding people's political freedom - harassing the people - and eroding the people's economic freedom - eating out their substance.

The founding fathers saw King George, his tyranny, the monarchy, and the ever-expanding administrative state as the antithesis of the culture of freedom and liberty that had developed.

Indeed, the very same year that Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, a document espousing political freedom, the Scottish economist Adam Smith wrote The Wealth of Nations, a book about economic freedom, explaining how peace and prosperity is the natural outcome of free market capitalism.

The founding fathers set us on a course of peace and prosperity by declaring independence, eliminating the "multitude of offices" erected by King George, and instead adopting the political and economic freedoms advocated in the Declaration of Independence and the The Wealth of Nations.

Unfortunately that spirit seems to have been lost by many.

Over time our elected officials have themselves erected a multitude of offices and sent hither swarms of officers to harrass We the People and eat out our substance. The DC Swamp has recreated what King George built and our Founding Fathers destroyed. It is time to drain the swamp.

Less and less of our economic production is being directed towards goods and services that people actually desire. Less and less for innovation, more and more for regulation. Our resources are consumed in compliance and enforcement, not in constructive beneficial economic production. Our business enterprises now produce paperwork to serve the administrative state.

People and companies incur costs in complying with regulation, and government incurs costs and debt - or imposes taxes - to enforce those regulations.

Think of a football game or baseball game, where the flow of the game is bogged down by endless reviews and replays. When rules take over the game. When the game becomes about the referees and umpires, no one wants to play or watch anymore.

At some point there is simply too much regulation, even good regulation.

Sure, there is a lot of bad regulation out there. Ill-conceived regulation, or poorly designed, or sloppily drafted, or badly implemented, or draconically enforced regulation. Emotional, vindictive regulation. Regulation driven by a narrow, intense idealogical agenda. Think Dodd-Frank, for example. Or Obamacare.

But even good regulation has its limits - the economic cost far exceeds the good it does. And it's not that any single regulation is bad, but that the combined effect grinds constructive activity to a halt.

It's demoralizing. People who are trying to construct and produce are beat down each day by regulations, and then taxed to death if they have anything to show for their struggles. It's drudgery. They throw in the towel.

It is probable that proponents of regulation simply have not grasped the widespread damage they inflict by adding ever more red tape, without ever eliminating any. Just adding ever more regulation.

More and more of our economic activity get directed toward rules - making rules, keeping rules, breaking rules, enforcing rules - and fewer of our resources are directed toward the actual activity being regulations. Regualation becomes an end, not a means.

The environmentals, the social justice worriers, the safety nazis, the nimby's, you name it - they strangle the economy. They don't mean to, it's just what happens. Jobs move out, workers follow the jobs, and economic destitition moves in. The people who remain have nothing to do, become bored, and fall into drug use, abuse, and addiction. Opioids, pot, alcohol, whatever, who cares...

And all this regulation is done in the name of helping people. When, in fact, it actually destroys people - the unintended consequences of Big Government. Reverse outcomes. Destroying people in the name of helping people.

We are being regulated to death. Eventually America will fade to grey like Britain and Spain, and it will have been taken down from within, by overregulation, by the nanny state.

But it needn't been today. We can renew our nation by tearing down that multitude of offices, the Big Government tyranny erected by liberals and progressives. We can Make America Great Again.


June 14, 2017 - Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA01) and several others were shot today by a deranged liberal who targeted a Republican event.

This shooting brings to fruition the hate being incited by the biased leftist media.

Good, hard-working, God-fearing, law-abiding, patriotic conservatives and Republicans have been smeared by the biased leftist media, portraying them as legitimate targets for leftist hatred.

So should it come as any surprise when an unstable person is catalyzed to commit acts of evil by such incitement from the media?

The shooting occurred at a baseball practice of Congressional Republicans, preparing for a charity baseball game against Congressional Democrats.

The shooter intentionally targeted Republicans. No Republican in particular, apparently, just hoping to pick off as many Republican as he could. He put a Congressman, an aide, a lobbyist and a security staffer in the hospital. But the only fatality to this point was himself, rubbed out by the security detail.

An act of pure ideological leftist hate. The "resistance" in its purest form - if you can't beat 'em at the ballot box, shoot 'em. Incited by the biased leftist media.

So now would be a good time for the biased leftist media to do some soul searching, and consider their complicity - or, more accurately, guilt - in the now increasingly violent political environment.

But no. The response of the BLM? Right back to blabbering about Comey, Russia and other fake news. And hating on Republicans. And probably inspiring more violence to come.

June 09, 2017 - The Biased Leftist Media continues its obsession with fake news. Relentless. When a Democrat is President, ignore the real news; when a Republican is President, obsess over fake news.

Last month the stock market had one particularly bad day, May 17, dropping nearly 2%. FBI Director James Comey had been sent packing by President Trump the previous week, and the blaring fake news finally hit a crescendo - all the fake news Chicken Littles fled the market.

But by the next day, with the confused consumers of fake news washed out of the market, the selling pressure subsided and the Trump Rally reconvened.

But we lunged at the opportunity to take advantage of that momentary (okay, one-day) fake-news-induced market inefficiency to buy more stocks. Buy the dips, people!

We said we would stay in the market, indeed, we would use the $10 drop in the share price Nvidia Corporation (NVDA) - from $135 to $125 - to our advantage, as a screaming "BUY" signal to accumulate even more.

Yesterday NVDA increased $10.82 to $159.94, a jump of 7.26% - in a single day. This stock is up 28% - from $125 to $160 - since the fake news market plunge of May 17. Now, no stock goes up in a straight line, and this one will have its bumps too.

But we ask, what does Jim Comey have to do with designing computer chips, and thus NVDA share price? You are the captain of your investments: buy the chip-dip, skip, and let 'er rip! ;)

So we ask you, what have you been up to the past three weeks: obsessing about the going-nowhere James Comey fake news, or enjoying your going-up investment gains?

Job creation, worker training, matching skilled workers to vacant positions - that is the real news, the real business of government. A growth agenda. As James Carville should have said, "Pay checks, not food stamps, stupid!"

Like we said yesterday in regards to the Korean situation, like we keep on saying, ignore the Comey fake news - it's the wrong story. The real story is the American economy and President Trump's pro-growth job creation agenda.

June 08, 2017 - Extra! Extra! Comey Testifies!

At least that's the fake news that the Biased Leftist Media will continue to peddle today.

But the real news today is that the new South Korean President Moon Jae-in's pro-appeasement leftist government will suspend deployment of THAAD, the US missile shield.

The #1 global news story of the next few years will be about North Korea's desire to annex/overrun/defeat/absorb the South.

The story will be about whether the North puts its desires in motion.

The story will be and about whether we can either prevent them or overcome them.

The story will be about whether the South has gotten so soft that will just throw in the towel and capitulate without a fight.

It is time for President Trump to put an end to the Kim regime, or pull out of Korea entirely. Why should we defend the South, if they don't want to defend themselves?

This movie has been running for 67 years. Doesn't matter how it finishes. It is time for "The End".

Ignore the Comey fake news today - it's the wrong story.

June 05, 2017 - There was a terror attack yesterday in a major European city. Ho hum. Yawwwnnn... Why the headlines? Why wouldn't we expect this to be the norm, given the bland, jarbled response to previous attacks,

We've seen this movie quite a few times. It's like you're channel surfing and you stumble across The Fugitive right where Dr. Kimball is about to jump off the dam, you recite the words "I don't care" with Marshall Sam Gerard, and you move on to the next channel. Just goin' through the motions, again.

To Theresa May, and for that matter, all the other pusilanimus politicans: when are you are going to do some thing about it? Like, really do something about it, instead of just reciting the words and going through the motions, just like last time?

Actually, the real question is, when are you going to correctly diagnose the problem, so that you can really implement a solution - not a fake solution, a real solution. When? Not just a stupid self-blaming speech about coexist and tolerance?

Theresa May is at least willing to blame "Islamic Extremism". Unfortunately she focuses on the "Extreme" part, but the problem is the "Islam" part. We keep looking for a change-up, they keep throwing fastballs. Swing and a miss, over and over.

"Enough is enough!" shouts Prime Minister May. Ya, sure...

European leaders have allowed their countries to be flooded with immigrants who are philosophically opposed to their countries' ideals. And now there is a growing civil war. Surprise - not.

How can the leaders of these countries continue to allow the erosion of their nations' own foundations? We are witnessing the Islamic conquest of Europe, and all the people get from the politiicans in response is blah-blah-blah.

We are facing an enemy who seeks to destroy us either from without or within, enemies foreign AND domestic.

President Trump as usual has it right. He is attempting to preserve the foundation laid by our Founding Fathers.

June 01, 2017 - Happy New Month!

This morning the payroll service firm ADP announced strong job growth during May, estimating that 253,000 positions had been added to private payrolls, surprising even the most optimistic prognosticators.

But just when you thought that was as much good news as you could hope for in one day, this afternoon President Trump (love the sound of that!) announced the US would pull out of the dreaded "Paris Accord". Naturally, global financial markets surged!

The Biased Leftist Media (BLM) and the DC cartel are apoplectic. Well, they are wrong about everything else, so no surprise, they are wrong about this too.

Let's be clear: the Paris Accord was not a treaty. All treaties must be approved by the Senate, but the Accord was never sent by Obama to the Senate because it had no chance of passing. It was just another crummy Obama deal.

Just like Obama's crummy Iran nuclear weapon fast-track deal: it was not sent to the Senate for approval, because it had no chance of passing. It's just another crummy Obama deal.

So-called "climate science" suffers from several major problems. The first is a self-selection problem: the field will attract those who are passionate about saving the planet from imminent doom, so their research begins from a lop-sided doomsday perspective.

The second problem is that funding comes from an alliance of crony capitalists and devious Chicken Little politicians who play on peoples' fears to score contracts and votes.

It should come as no surprise - the politicians pushing the climate change agenda are not impartial. Surprising? Not really, they have a vested interest in pushing a fabrication. It's fake, people, c'mon, wake up already.

And that about explains "climate science": a pseudo philosophy complete with a hierarchy of priests and celebrities, funded by an economic ecosystem that sustains itself by sucking subsidies out of corrupt politicians, paid out of your taxes.

President Trump (it doesn't get old, does it?) did the right thing. Again.


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