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Sworn In
April 10, 2017

A Tremendous Day for
sound jurisprudence and
our Constitution!

Watch the swearing-in and
savor the prospect of a
Supreme Court Justice
who will defend our

Below is our rating of
Supreme Court justices
based upon judgement of
their fidelity to the

As the chart illustrates,
there are too many rogue
justices on the Supreme
Court. These appointed,
life-term judges take it
upon themselves to
arbitrarily unilaterally and
autocratically over-rule the
will of the people. They are
the equivalent of tyrants.

It is crucial to our
Democracy to fill all open
seats on all Courts, as
they arise, with true-to-
the-law judges. With
originalist, textualist
judges who apply the law
as passed by the
representatives of the

It is NOT the role of judges
to over-rule laws they just
happen to dislike. As
Gorsuch said at the

"A judge who likes every
outcome he reaches is
very likely a bad judge..."

April 07, 2017

A Supreme Court seat
opened with the passing of
Antonin Scalia just months
before the 2016 election.

President Obama
nominated Merrick Garland
as a replacement, but
Senate Majority Leader
Mitch McConnell (R-KY)
blocked the nomination,
claiming that the voters
should decide.

Elections have
consequences. Democrats
were certain they would
hold the White House and
regain the Senate in 2016,
thereby giving them full
control of the nomination

But the GOP held the
Senate, and won the
White House, against
all predictions.
Republicans campaigned
on the Supreme Court
issue, and won.

And that's why Democrats
lost the Supreme Court
nomination: because they
didn't win the election. The
people spoke. As it should

January 31, 2017

President Trump has
nominated Neil Gorsuch to
the United States Supreme
Court. View the
proceedings at the White

As the President so
appropriately remarked at
the nomination ceremony:

"I have always felt that
after the defense of our
nation, the most important
decision a president of the
United States can make is
the appointment of a
Supreme Court justice.
Depending on their age, a
justice can be active for 50
years and his or her
decisions can last a
century or more and can
often be permanent."

We anticipate that Neil
Gorsuch will be an
outstanding Supreme
Court Justice, just like
Antonin Scalia, the great
man he will replace.

Neil Gorsuch: a judge who
understands both what a
judge's role is; and what a
judge's role is not.


2017/12/20 - As we run out the clock on 2017 we have a lot to be thankful, from the Inauguration of President Trump and the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, right through the tax reform to be enacted today.

But a great national disappointment has bee the disgraceful contempt for America shown by the NFL this year. I was a long time fan of the Denver Broncos, going all the way back to the days of Craig Morton, and the Orange Crush defence. But the NFL has gone wrong and it is time for me to part ways with my Broncos and my once-beloved John Elway jersey.

So as this year draws to a close it is time to tie up this loose end and get some closure. So I have decided to cut up my #7 and send it to John Elway himself. Below is the letter I will be enclosing with the now disenabled jersey:

December 20, 2017

John Elway
President of Football Operations/General Manager
Denver Broncos Football Club
13655 Broncos Parkway
Englewood, CO 80112

Dear Mr. Elway,

I hope you enjoy my Christmas gift to you, a disenabled Denver Broncos #7 jersey that Iíve had for 20 years and used to enjoy wearing to football events.

I had been a Broncos fan for 40+years, and a John Elway fan for 35+ years. But no longer. I simply do not enjoy watching NFL football any more.

Back in October I cut my DirecTV NLF package, and I havenít really missed it. Now I get my football fix watching some college ball on Saturdays, and on Sundays afternoons I run and ride my bike Ė much healthier than drinking beer and eating pizza anyhow. I do not enjoy the NBA, I totally ignore it. I only watch college hoops. Now it looks like my football consumption is going the way of basketball.

I saw some NFL on Thanksgiving at my nephewís and realized that I am not missing anything. I watched a bit this weekend but, itís a turn-off now. No interest, it holds no allure for me. Quite the opposite, it just make me sad to think about how the NFL has messed itself up.

The NFL might be likened to an old friend who began making poor life choices and ended up in a downward spiral. As much as I loved that friend, I cannot join them on that path they are choosing.

The NFL had been a place where people from different backgrounds and with different perspectives could at least for a moment find some commonality, a community could come together for a common cause.

But the NFL has allowed itself to become politicized, and become a platform for a specific (and, I might add, bogus) political perspective. The NFL had contributed to national unity, now it is an agent of national divisiveness. The joy is gone. I donít care anymore. And if divisiveness was not bad enough in and of itself, the NFL has compounded that error by deciding that it has no problem with its personnel disrespecting America.

Since when have employers embraced the politicization of their product by employees, to the consternation of their customers and the detriment of their business? I cannot imagine any employer allowing its staff to engage in disrespecting America on company time or company premises, or while on company business or wearing company uniform, so how did anyone in NFL management think it was desirable? I would never have tolerated such behavior from my staff; and my clients and employers in turn would never have tolerated that from me.

When did the NFL, its owners, executives, and franchisees, suddenly decide that it was okay to disrespect to America? And that it was not a good idea to make a stand against those who would? I began having gnawing doubts about the NFL last year when Von Miller knelt for our anthem opening night. I turned off the game midway through the first half, appalled and dismayed.

I expected that the Broncos, and you specifically, would clamp down the following morning and quash that nonsense. But my expectations went unfulfilled. The silence was deafening, the inaction was demoralizing.

I guess you just donít see it. Does the NFL not know, or does the NFL not care? Or does it just have no principles? Regardless, the net effect is that the NFL in fact condones and encourage disrespect for America.

You have it backwards. We all have so much to be thankful for, for what this country does for us. The United States of America is the best country, ever, anywhere in the history of the universe. The NFL has enjoyed the success that it has because of what America is.

Our country creates so many opportunities for all Americans to do so well. A personís failures in life are a result of their poor life choices, they are the direct result of a personís decisions to squander the opportunities America creates. Those who blame others instead of themselves are simply wrong. Their cause is wrong. And their disrespect for America is the wrong way to bring attention to their wrong cause.

Itís a free country, so the NFL is free to disrespect America if it wants. And it is free to repel past as well as prospective customers by its contempt for our nation. I have and will continue to put America first. The NFL is not Americaís master. The NFL has disrespected America and has lost its credibility. I am no longer interested in the NFL, the Broncos, or your bread & circus birthday clowns.

Do you not even care about America? Someone disrespects our country, and you just shrug your shoulders? I thought you were a pretty smart guy, and was surprised not to hear at any point last season that you had taken steps to eradicate the cancer. Now it has metastasized and itís terminal.

Look through the pages of history, look through the world today. Among those who disrespect America are among the worst people who have ever set foot on this planet Ė Hitler, Mao, Amin, Mugabe, bin Laden, Castro, Chavez, Kim, and yes, unfortunately, quite a few NFL football players, and the NFL executives that enable the playersí displays of scorn and contempt for America. I hope you enjoy the company of those heroes of your faith.

You had your Rick Monday moment Ė your Rick Monday year, actually Ė and totally blew it. America is more important than the NFL. The NFL has forced me to choose, and I choose America. The NFL has lost its way and you have too.

This Christmas, the NFL is like the Grinch that Stole Christmas Ė youíve taken, not given. So enjoy your enclosed lump of coal. Merry Christmas.


A. Former Fan


The good news? A few years back my wife tried to buy me a Peyton Manning jersey but the store we were at had run out and we never got around to following up. At least I don't have to explain to her what became of that.


December 28, 2017 - In an interview that can only be described as embarrassing, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) once again reconfirmed that he is indeed an ass.

Apparently Cuomo wants to mount some kind of 14th Amendment "Equal Protection" legal attack on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act because he is unhappy about the SALT (State And Local Tax) deduction scale back.

Of course Cuomo isn't bright enough to understand that such an argument is self-defeating.

Residents of high tax states like New York are currently gaining a Federal tax benefit that folks from low tax states like Florida are not entitled to, so surely, if anyone, it's the Floridians who have not received Equal Protection?

Surely the proper legal remedy is to remove the lopsided SALT deduction in its entirety, so that no one gets a benefit, and make up for it with a general reduction in rates that benefits all taxpayers regardless of their state of residence?

Tax & Spend governors of blue states have been gaming the tax code and taking advantage of red states long enough. Party's over.

December 19, 2017 - The machinations of Democrats never cease to amaze.

Two weeks ago, they were eating their own, forcing accused harasser Rep. Conyers (D) and accused harasser Sen. Franken (D) to retire/resign in order to take the moral high ground in the Alabama senatorial election against accused harasser Roy Brown (R).

So now that Doug Jones (D) has defeated Brown (R) bringing the Democrats a step closer to retaking the Senate, suddenly they all want Franken to unresign, and stay on.

You see, Franken's term runs through 2020, but his resignation would force a special election in 2018, an election Democrats would be favored to win, but not at all guaranteed to win.

The last thing the Democrats want is to risk losing Franken's seat two years early thus negating their unlikely win in Alabama.

Forget the moral high ground, they were never serious about it. It was never about principle.

Last week it was Frankenbad, this week it's Frankengood. Democrats a party of situational ethics. Very sad.

December 12, 2017 - Way to go Alabama. Not.

This was not a difficult choice. You were voting for a proxy to vote your public policy positions, so you vote for the person whose views are most aligned with yours - Roy Moore.

Instead, tonight you voted into the United States Senate this Doug Jones, a left wing extremist who you disagree with on just about everything.

Yes, Moore is a flaweded person, but at least he is a proponent of positive public policy.

Jones is the personification of flawed public policy. America will be ill-served by his tenure in the Senate.

Thanks, Alabama, for sending this leftist disaster-in-the-making to the corridors of power to inflict more statism on the entire nation.

Chalprem withdraws its support for the Cimson Tide announced last week. Go Georgia. Go Clemson. Go Oklahoma. Not those polecats from Alabama.

December 11, 2017 - This morning in Manhattan an Islamic activist failed to kill and maim people when his explosive device detonated prematurely and incompletely, severely injuring only himself, and slightly injuring three others.

I was on a plane flying into New York when this happened, and no mention of the incident was made of it. Not in-flight, not upon landing, not in the airport, not even by the cabbie taking me to mid-town.

Are New Yorkers now totally jaded about terror? Like, after 9/11, everything else is a yawner, in anti-climatic. New Yorkers take pride in their total indifference to the chaos that surrounds them - robbery, rape, murder, gunfire, sirens; and now you can add terror to the list.

Something like 110 people die in car accidents in America each day, but we've gotten used to it, we pile into a car with our loved ones and off we go. We've contextualized the law of large numbers, that in a country of 325,000,000 people, 110 is indistinguishable from 0.

New Yorkers long ago contextualized the law of large numbers. In a city of 16,000,000 people, senseless brutal violence can happen and probably will. Just add Islamic activism to the list.

But what happens when Islamic "terror" attacks no longer strike "terror"? Has terror been played out? It's starting to seem so 20th-Century now. Kind of old, boring, tired...

For their part, the activist's family, joining forces with the activist/terror organization CAIR, expressed more anger about being treated gruffly by police, than they did remorse for their kin's senseless brutal violence.

December 06, 2017 - The NFL announced yesterday the contract extension of Commissioner Roger Goodell. Seems like something along the lines of a 6-year $200-million package.

This is hard to imagine, since the NFL has been going downhill of late under Goodell's reign of error. Viewership is down, attendance is down, favorability is down. The only thing that is up is controversy.

Yes, say the owners, we want more of that and we will pay a lot for it - give that man a raise!

It's time to go all-in on college football, switch my football viewership from Sunday to Saturday, and cheer for Alabama (Roll Tide!!) and USC (Fight On!!).

I've basically stopped watching, listening or talking anything NFL-related. I don't care anymore. No fun. I don't care about my teams anymore, or my players, or my merchandise.

As the Righteous Brothers might have said, "I've lost that lovin' feelin'" for the NFL, "now it's gone gone gone".

Actually, I didn't lose it, Roger Goodell wrecked it.

Thanks for nothing, Commie.

December 01, 2017 - Yesterday gave us yet another disaster of blue-state soft-on-crime injustice.

On July 1, 2015 San Francisco resident Kathryn Steinle was shot and killed by illegal alien Jose Zarate. For no reason.

The 32-year old Steinle had been enjoying the day with her father at Pier 14 of the tourist Embarcadero district of San Francisco.

Zarate's gun had been stolen from the car of a Bureau of Land Management employee.

Yesterday Zarate was found guilty of possessing a stolen firearm, but acquitted on all charges relating to Steinle's death.

This flagrantly unjust outcome can be expected to draw a firestorm of criticism, and re-ignite the passions of the pro-Trump forces who favor improved immigration enforcement.

Democrats might celebrate this injustice but should instead be worried. They seem to have been building some electoral momentun, the last thing they need is to reinvigorate their opponents who have seemed a bit lulled by their 2016 victories.


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